Personal Training is a wonderful investment to make in yourself.

I am excited about working with you to find the most enjoyable movement, nutrition and recovery habits that you can continue for the rest of your life.

After our consultation, we will begin a two-week trial period to make sure that you’d like to continue training, and then switch to a monthly arrangement.

The pricing is calculated so that I can provide you with a complete service rather than just the time we spend in the gym together. That time between sessions is hugely important.


In-person coaching

Our gym sessions together form the foundations upon which your Personal Training service is built.

I plan these in four-week blocks adapted to your exercise preferences, interests and availability.

You can expect to notice results after two of these blocks, and really extraordinary differences in three or four.


Dedicated weekly prep time

Each week I will get in touch to ask what else you would like me to work on for you. Things my clients often ask for are:

  • Information around nutrition, stress and recovery

  • Exercise programmes to do at home, at other gyms, or while travelling

  • Weekly schedules that balance our PT sessions and your other training / commitments


support outside of our sessions

Although our time in the gym is really important, this only makes up a small proportion of your week.

With that in mind, I want to provide you with as much information and support as I can during these periods, through instant messaging and access to materials I have written answering common questions from clients.


Pricing is calculated to include the number of weekly PT sessions plus the block of dedicated weekly prep time:

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