In Personal Training we develop habits of exercise, eating and resting that work towards your goals.

The way of doing this is tailored to you, but common principles of my practice are listed below:


Together, we’ll find the reasons for exercising that are important to you.

We’ll explore your interests and motivations and make a plan based around them.

Supported by research

I’ll match your preferences with the research to find an approach that’s exciting and effective.


Our training should enrich your life, not dominate it.

We’ll fit our programme around your existing habits and commitments.


We’ll stay responsive and agile, adapting our method as we go to ensure it’s always working well.


You’ll feel independent and able to continue your training outside of our sessions together.

Your consultation is free. Please see my pricing page for information about the cost of personal training.

If you have any questions, use the form below to send me a message.

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