Guy Lochhead

Body-positive personal training and weightlifting coaching in Central Bristol


A Richer Culture of Fitness

There are so many ways of getting fitter and stronger. Let's discover the approach that you'll truly enjoy.


No assumptions

I won't assume anything about your reasons for training.

Instead, I'll listen to your motivations and interests and build a plan around them.


Person-Centred coaching

We'll explore recent research and the global history of exercise to find the best approach for you.


Private Training Environment

I started Bristol Co-operative Gym in 2016 as a "gym for people who hate gyms".

I offer PT sessions there and at Synergi Fitness, a small private gym for PTs and their clients in central Bristol.

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Your coach


I build sustainable exercise programmes with people who aren't interested in the dominant culture of fitness.

I am committed to developing a more interesting, inclusive approach towards health and wellbeing.

In my spare time, I make The Good Gym Guide podcast, where I talk to other people working on the fringes of the fitness industry about their ideal training environment.