Weightlifting Coaching

Weightlifting Coaching

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Olympic weightlifting is a safe and efficient way of developing strength, power and flexibility. As well as being good fun as a discipline in itself, the explosiveness it brings transfers over well to other sports.

Fundamentally, there are only two lifts to learn – the snatch and the clean and jerk – but these are deceptively technical. When done correctly, they are remarkably safe, but they can be dangerous if performed badly. I will teach you the key positions and how to move between them, as well as the assistance work you should do to complement your specific movement habits and feel the full benefits of these amazing lifts.

Once you’ve picked the number of sessions you’d like, it’ll ask you a few questions to inform our training. None of these are “required”, so please just answer the ones that feel appropriate.

Once you’ve filled them in and completed the checkout, I’ll e-mail you to arrange a time.

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